Lip Blush  $400

What is Lip Blush?

Lip blush is a form of semi-permanent makeup. This treatment creates a soft and subtle blush of color defining the shape and giving the illusion of fuller and flushed  lip. The color is customized to each client based on their natural lip color, undertone and skin tone. There is a $50 non-refundable deposit that is applied to the total price which is due at the time of the procedure. This is a two session procedure.

Does Lip Blush Hurts?

The process itself is not painful thanks to numbing ointment that is applied multiple times during this service.

How long is the  procedure? 

The appointment should take about 2 to 3 hours. 

How long does Lip Blush last?

Lip blush can last 2-3 years



-Do not work out 24 hours before procedure.

-NO alcohol or caffeine 48 hours before procedure (Yes, there is caffeine in decaf coffee and tea!).

-Avoid sun and tanning one week prior to procedure.

-Do not take Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E or Advil/Ibuprofen 48 hours before procedure.

-Avoid Fish Oil, Prenatal Vitamins, Nutritional Shakes (Shakeology, etc), "Hair, Skin, Nail" supplements 48 hours prior to procedure.

-Discontinue Retin-A, Chemical and Laser Peels, microdermabrasions, and Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) at least 6 weeks prior (and avoid on eyebrow area after procedure to prevent premature fading).

-Botox and filler on the forehead, temple, and eye area should be avoided 1 month prior to procedure for those who do not regularly receive injectables.  

-Avoid the following herbs and spices 48 hours before procedure: ginger, cinnamon, garlic, black and cayenne pepper.