What is intimate brightening?

Intimate brightening is a treatment that enhances appearance,(underarms, elbows, knees, groin, inner thigh, pubic area, and anal) it improves skin texture, and increases confidence. Great for brides who want to brighten certain areas of their body before that big day!


How often do I have to get it done?

This is a two-step treatment, professional treatment, and in-home treatment, both are necessary for beautiful results. Remember most hyperpigmentation did not happen overnight so it will require 3-5 sessions to see results.



Is Intimate brightening safe for sensitive skin?

Is safe for even the most sensitive areas of the body

DO NOT SHAVE / WAX   7- 10 days before or after the treatment.  

Intimate Brightening - Underarm

Intimate Brightening - Elbow

Intimate Brightening -Inner Thigh

Intimate Brightening - Knees

Intimate Brightening - Vaginal

Intimate Brightening -Anal (Women Only)

Intimate Brightening - Home Care Kit